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 Game Terms and Combat

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PostSubject: Game Terms and Combat   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:20 pm

The AVA System is a variant d20 system. AVA stands for Attribute Versus Attribute, below this the basics of this new system will be explained.

Game Terms to Know

Check: The roll of a twenty-sided dice on the game, to which you usually add a number.

Cycle: A series of turns, starting with the highest Swiftness total (see Swiftness, beside), and ending with the lowest. Once the lowest Swiftness total has gone, the cycle repeats with the highest and so forth.

Modifier: The number of points you put into an attribute. Attributes are described beside this section.

Total: The check added to the modifier.

Turn: A fictional interval of time in the game describing what each character is doing within a roughly 6 second period. Each character gets one turn per cycle (see beside), assuming they can take any actions at all in that cycle.

      Attributes measure various aspects of your character’s ability to perform tasks better or worse than other characters. At the beginning of play, you get 30 character points, which you can place into attributes any way you see fit. Attributes give you access to Abilities (see Chapter 3), and your attribute modifier is often factored in during combat.

Attack: Attack measures how powerful your physical attacks (swords, guns, martial arts, biting with oversized fangs...) are, and how much damage they do. Attack opposes Defense.

Defense: Defense measures how much of an attack you can deflect before it goes through. Defense opposes Attack.

Endurance: Endurance measures how much damage you can withstand before you die, and aids in abilities that require concentration.

Magic: Magic measures your magical prowess or supernatural power. Magic is opposed by Resistance.

Resistance: Resistance measures your ability to shrug off magical attacks. Resistance is opposed by Magic.

Swiftness: Swiftness measures your reaction time in battle, and what methods you can move about the battlefield. Swiftness opposes itself at the beginning of combat.

Technosavvy: Technosavvy measures your character's growing proficiency with technology.

Physical Combat

At the beginning of combat, both players make opposed Swiftness checks, adding their Swiftness modifiers to the resulting total. The higher total goes first. In the event that multiple characters are participating in combat, all players make opposed Swiftness checks, and the highest goes first, followed by the others in descending order. After the last player completes their action, the cycle starts again with the highest Swiftness total.

After the order of turns is decided, the first player makes an Attack check (adding his Attack modifier), opposed by the defending player's Defense check (adding his Defense modifier). The higher result wins. If the attack wins, the difference between the Attack total and Defense total is temporarily subtracted from the defending player's hit points (the formula for calculating hit points is your Endurance modifier x2 + your Endurance modifier x 1/2 your current level, rounded down) until the end of combat; the number subtracted is 1 if the Attack total matches the Defense total, and 0 if it is less. If the defending player's hit points ever reach 0, the character falls unconscious until the end of combat (or a healing ability is used; see MAGIC, below). Each turn after the character reaches -1 hit points, they gain an additional negative hit point as blood loss and other such trauma occurs. During this time, the character cannot act, but can be healed as normal; they are dying, but not dead. If the defending player's hit points ever reach -10 or below, the character dies.

During each turn, players can activate and combine Abilities; abilities are detailed in Chapter 3. In general, moving and speaking in combat is automatic and not considered an ability, although some abilities make use of movement and speed such as Movement Modes.

Magical Combat

Magic refers to any number of special abilities within the game that aren't covered under physical attacks, physical defenses, or movement modes. If it's anything a normal, armed human or physical-bodied creature couldn't do with their own body or something mundane carried by that body like a weapon, it's probably Magic.

Attacking with a simple damage-dealing magic ability works exactly as the physical combat rules outlined above, but Magic stands in for Attack, and Resistance stands in for Defense. Attack cannot be opposed by Resistance, and Magic cannot be opposed by Defense, but both Attack and Magic can potentially target hit points.

There are many other uses for magic besides damage-dealing spells, which are detailed under abilites that make use of them in their respective descriptions.

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Game Terms and Combat
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