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PostSubject: Anakaris   Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:36 pm


Race: Mummy
Origin: Egypt
     Year of Birth: 2664 B.C.
Height: 8’10”     
Weight: 1-1102 lbs.  

     The 12th pharaoh of a great empire. He became the pharaoh at the age of 12. Foreseeing his death and revival, he created a pyramid and a place for his revival. 5000 years later, he is revived with the coming of Pyron. He travels 5000 years back in time to rule his kingdom once more. After fighting off the invaders of his kingdom, he then attacks and conquers them.

     Once his kingdom is saved, he hears a voice from the far future. He travels to the present time and enters the Majigen. During the battles within Majigen, he learns that the destruction of his kingdom and people is un-avoidable. He then returns to his kingdom and transports his kingdom beneath the Earth into a new dimension so that it may be free of the wars of Earth.

Level: 10
Experience: 12,000/13,200
Hit Points: 112
Attribute Points: 80 (30 Starting + 45 Level +5 Weakness)

Attribute      Modifier      Ability Slots
   Attack           14            7/7
   Defense        6              3/3
   Endurance    16             --
   Magic            26            13/13
   Resistance    12              6/6
   Swiftness      6              3/3
   Technosavvy 0              0/0


Special Attacks:
Fists of Fury, Strong Attack, Wrestling, Warhammer, Mountain Hammer, Earth Attack, Fire Attack, Enhance Weapons, Enhance Magic, Silence, Stealth, World of Illusion, Blast Struggle, Contingency (When Anakaris uses Earth Attack, it auto-combines with Fire Attack), Shapeshift, Forced Shapeshift

Special Defenses:
Reinforced Hat, Sixth Sense, Awareness, Heal Hit Points Alpha, Remove Poison, Remove Disease, Seal Soul, Resurrection, Death Attack Immunity, Enhance Resistance,

Movement Modes:
Limber Corpse, Agile Corpse, Flight

Ability Paths Completed
Fighter (Warhammer and Reinforced Hat), Illusionist, Martial Artist (Warhammer), Healer

Slow Moving
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