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 Victor von Gerdenheim

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PostSubject: Victor von Gerdenheim   Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:34 pm


Race: Golem
Origin: Germany
     Year of Birth: 1830
Height: 8’2”     
Weight: 507 lbs.  

     Victor was a creation created by a mad scientist by the same name. However, Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim died shortly after giving life to Victor. Believing that if he proves that he is the strongest in the world, the Professor would accept him, Victor leaves the castle. After Victor had fought many Darkstalkers, he came back to the castle hoping the Professor would accept him, but the dead Professor did not wake up. Instead, the prototype Emily welcomed Victor back.

     The two lived happily for many years until one night, Emily's functions came to a stop. Victor believed that if he collects many souls, he could revive Emily. He entered the Majigen to collect souls with this intent. In the end, he sacrificed himself by using all his powers to revive Emily.

Level: 10
Experience: 12,000/13,200
Hit Points: 147
Attribute Points: 75 (30 Starting + 45 Level)

Attribute      Modifier      Ability Slots
   Attack           14            7/7
   Defense        6              3/3
   Endurance    21             --
   Magic            22            11/11
   Resistance    8              4/4
   Swiftness      2              1/1
   Technosavvy 0              0/0


Special Attacks:
Fists of Fury, Strong Attack, Warhammer, Mountain Hammer, Rage, Vampire Hunter, Lightning Attack, Blast Struggle, Contingency (Lightning Attack auto-combines with Enhance Magic), Silence, Stealth, Animate Shadow, Light Attack, Contingency (Lightning Attack auto-combines with Warhammer), Enhance Weapons, Enhance Magic

Special Defenses:
Sixth Sense, Reinforced Vest, Tough As Nails, Awareness, Absorb Magic, Energy Immunity (Lightning), Death Attack Immunity, Lightning Shield

Movement Modes:
Shadow Jump

Ability Paths Completed
Martial Artist (Warhammer), Fighter (Reinforced Vest and Warhammer), Blast Mage (Lightning Attack), Shadow Mage, Savage (Warhammer), Spell Sword (Warhammer)

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Victor von Gerdenheim
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