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The Dark

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PostSubject: Lilith   Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:47 pm


Race: Succubus
Origin: Scotland
     Year of Birth: 1678
Height: 5’6”     
Weight: 119 lb.

     Berial foresaw that Makai would be exposed to the crisis of perishing soon. Someone great Life Form would be needed to maintain the unbalanced world of Makai. He foresaw that one with such power would not be born in the family of Aensland for another 1,200 years. Knowing this, he decided to leave the future of the Aensland family in Morrigan's hands. To Berial, the future of the Aensland family was the same as the future of Makai.

     Morrigan was a very special Succubus, even within all of the Darkstalkers. She was born as an S Class noble. But at that time, roughly 300 years ago, a struggle for power had already started. Various battles had occurred in various locations. It was unacceptable for a Succubus child to be given rights to power at the time. The problems didn't end their either. Morrigan had no way to control the enormous powers that she held within. If she were to be left alone, she would destroy herself and the land around her. Berial decided to split her powers and isolate them to protect her. Morrigan's soul was split into 2, one half was closed off into a space that Berial had created.

     But her powers weren't simply split evenly. Because her powers were forcefully divided, they kept drawing each other with a powerful force. To control this, Berial took part of her powers and sealed it within himself. Thus, Morrigan's soul had been divided into three. One in Morrigan, one in the sealed space, and one in Berial's body. When these become one, Morrigan can regain her full powers. But if one doesn't recognize their own powers, if is difficult to sense its existence, let alone control it. Morrigan herself found out about her other half after Berial had died.

     When Berial died, the sealed off power was supposed to return to it's rightful owner. Once this was complete, the next ruler of Makai was supposed to be born, as Berial foresaw it. But because the part which Berial contained had been lost, Morrigan's power had not returned to completely. And a certain accident had occurred in the sealed space that even Berial himself did not notice.

     The sealed off power had begun to have it's own will. She, Lilith, had began to recognize herself roughly ten years after the sealing. It was Morrigan's heart which slipped into Lilith's consciousness, although Morrigan herself never noticed this. As Lilith found about Makai, her feelings grew. These feelings were different from normal emotions like admiration and jealousy. They were closer to a primitive instinct to want to go back to its home.

     In Makai, power is indicated by the strength of the soul. If a soul is forcefully divided, it is not surprising that the soul will try to return to its full self. Morrigan's soul was powerful enough that it was able to produce a will of its own.

     Due to Jedah's plot, Lilith was able to attain a body. In return, Lilith was to lure Morrigan and the other Darkstalkers. Morrigan's true powers were something that Jedah could not overlook. It's unknown if Lilith understood Jedah's intention and the meaning of his salvation, but Lilith enjoyed her newfound freedom. To Lilith, the Majigen was a real world that she was able to be born in. Her enjoyment will last as long as she can fight someone who can satisfy her curiosity, and to be able to somehow return to her true body. She is like a child who doesn't know the true darkness yet.

     After she and Morrigan met, Lilith was finally able to return to her true self when she and Morrigan fused back together into one.

Level: 10
Experience: 12,000/13,200
Hit Points: 112
Attribute Points: 83 (30 Starting + 45 Level +8 Weakness)

Attribute      Modifier      Ability Slots
   Attack           10            5/5
   Defense        8              2/4
   Endurance    16             --
   Magic            42            21/21
   Resistance    8              4/4
   Swiftness      8              2/4
   Technosavvy 0              0/0


Special Attacks:
Fists of Fury, Strong Attack, Wrestling, Spiked Chains, Knockout Punch, Deadly Beauty, Enchanting Presence, Silence, Stealth, Animate Shadow, Eldritch Attack, Shapeshift, Suggestion, Mind Control, Poison Attack, Death Attack, Instant Death, Enhance Magic, Blast Struggle, Contingency (When Lilith uses Eldritch Attack, it auto-combines with Enhance Magic), Telepathy, Enhance Weapons, Contingency (When Lilith uses Spiked Chains, it auto-combines with Death Attack), World of Illusion

Special Defenses:
Sixth Sense, Reinforced Vest, Awareness, Enhance Resistance, Heal Hit Points Alpha, Heal Hit Points Beta, Mental Barrier, Clear Head

Movement Modes:
Flight, Shadow Jump

Ability Paths Completed
Puppetmaster, Fighter (Reinforced Vest and Spiked Chains), Martial Artist (Spiked Chains), Spell Sword (Spiked Chains), Assassin, Shadow Mage, Blast Mage (Eldritch Attack), Illusionist

Need To Feed (succubus)
Soul Tether (Morrigan); moderate (Lilith adds +2 Magic, +2 Resistance, and +1 Endurance)
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