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 Donovan's Introduction (Donovan)

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PostSubject: Donovan's Introduction (Donovan)   Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:20 pm

     As Jedah left to begin the mission for which he had been revived, the Shintai he had left behind began to build its world, but like the Shintai itself, this world was unstable and fragile; a world of dreams that called inside the souls it so desperately needed to sustain itself.

     Was this fate? Donovan found himself restored to his former appearance, as if the taint that had consumed him in the wake of his battle with Pyron had completely vanished. It took only a moment, as his bare feet breached the bloody ground beneath, to realize that this was an illusion. He was the demon he had been, and as the dark began to stir, presences far beyond radiating with evil energy, the dhampir wondered how long this grace period would last...
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Donovan's Introduction (Donovan)
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