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 Jon Talbain/Gallon

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The Dark

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PostSubject: Jon Talbain/Gallon   Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:05 pm


Race: Werewolf
   Origin: England
     Year of Birth: 1940
Height: 6’1”     
Weight: 154 lbs.  

     Gallon was born between a human mother and werewolf father. Gallon's mother died shortly after giving birth to Gallon and their was no way to look for his father. Although Gallon was alone, he had lived a peaceful life as a human until one full moon. That night, the beast within Gallon awoke and Gallon turned into a wolf. This caused Gallon to be shunned from human society. When he found out he was a Darkstalker, he felt no anger towards his parents. To him, his parents were just conceptual parents. He was alone since he could remember.

     He maintained his human self by cursing his fate. His heart was not strong enough to accept everything and to move as his heart desires. Following his inner voice, he devoted himself to fighting to take himself past his limits. This was part of his pride as a human to fight against his other half. Believing that if he takes himself past his own limit, he may be able to turn back into a human again.

     After the events with Pyron, he had lifted his curse and regained his human form. Although the adults did not accept him anymore, the children accepted him. Although he was able to sustain his human form for many years, he could feel that a beast still lived within him. But this was a temporary illusion that he caused. One day, he heard a voice in his mind and turned back into a Werewolf. It was impossible to cleanse his own blood. His will couldn't change the future.

     During the battles in Majigen, he came face to face with his dark self within. The fate that was pulled by his battles. To flee from his curse, he kept taking himself past his own limits. Though there may be irreversible consequences, he had no choice but to keep going forward. In the end, he realized that he is a Darkstalker and decides to live his life as a wolf.

Level: 10
Experience: 12,000/13,200
Hit Points: 84 (increases to 112 using Strength of the Wolf)
Attribute Points: 88 (30 Starting + 45 Level +13 Weakness)

Attribute      Modifier      Ability Slots
   Attack           22            12/12 (+4 on Attack using Strength of the Wolf)
   Defense        12              6/6
   Endurance    12             -- (+4 on Endurance using Strength of the Wolf)
   Magic            26            13/13
   Resistance    6              3/3
   Swiftness      8             4/4 (+4 on Swiftness using Strength of the Wolf)
   Technosavvy 0              0/0


Special Attacks:
Bite, Claws, Strength of the Wolf, Fists of Fury, Brass Knuckles, Strong Attack, Rage, Nunchaku, Knockout Punch, Wrestling, Tackle, Silence, Stealth, Animate Shadow, Eldritch Attack, Enhance Weapons, Enhance Magic, Blast Struggle, Contingency (When Jon Talbain uses Eldritch Attack, it auto combines with Dervish Dance), Contingency (when Jon Talbain uses his Claws, it auto combines with Eldritch Attack), Piercing Eldritch Attack

Special Defenses:
Bodyguard, Tough As Nails, Reinforced Belt (as Reinforced Hat), Sixth Sense, Expert Bodyguard, Awareness, Enhance Armor, Enhance Resistance, Etherealness, Magic Shield, Mental Barrier

Movement Modes:
Shadow Jump, Speed Demon, Dervish Dance, Maul

Ability Paths Completed
Savage (Claws), Martial Artist (Nunchaku), Bodyguard, Brawler, Shadow Mage, Blast Mage (Eldritch Attack), Spell Sword (Claws)

Curse of Lycanthropy, Silver Vulnerability, Power Restriction (must activate Strength of the Wolf to activate Bite and Claws)
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The Dark

Posts : 311
Join date : 2008-11-12
Age : 109
Location : In the depths of every heart...

PostSubject: Re: Jon Talbain/Gallon   Wed Nov 26, 2008 9:16 pm

Move List
A list of ability combos that represent special moves this character uses in the games.

Beast Cannon*: Talbain throws himself forward in a comet-like tackle followed by multiple claw attacks.
   Combo: Dervish Dance + Claws + Tackle + Maul + Eldritch Attack

Million Flicker*: Talbain beats the tar out of you with a continuous nunchaku attack.
   Combo:           1st Round: Animate Shadow
                           2nd Round: Nunchaku + Animate Shadow

Dragon Cannon: Talbain summons a blazing ki projectile.
   Combo: Eldritch Attack + Piercing Eldritch Attack + Enhance Magic

* Note that Talbain gains a +4 on Attack rolls when using Strength of the Wolf
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Jon Talbain/Gallon
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