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 Lord Raptor

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The Dark

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PostSubject: Lord Raptor   Fri Nov 14, 2008 4:32 pm


Race: Ghoul
Origin: Australia
     Year of Birth: 1889
Height: 5’11”     
Weight: 86 lb.  

     A young and charismatic young rocker who killed himself and 100 other fans in his final live performance. Because of his thirst for power, he was noticed by Emperor Ozomu. He resurrected him as a Zombie and told him that if he wishes to be stronger, he would have to kill the Darkstalkers. Although Zabel agreed, his true plans were to kill Ozomu himself and to take over the spot of being the Emperor. But when Ozomu and Ozomu's castle disappeared, Zabel was puzzled. When he arrived at the location where Ozomu's castle stood, he found the entrance to the Majigen. This time, he intended to kill the creator of Majigen and take over his spot.

Level: 10
Experience: 12,000/13,200
Hit Points: 70
Attribute Points: 85 (30 Starting +45 Level +10 Weakness)

Attribute      Modifier      Ability Slots
   Attack           14            7/7
   Defense        8              4/4
   Endurance    10             --
   Magic            36            17/18
   Resistance    8              4/4
   Swiftness      8              4/4
   Technosavvy 0              0/0


Special Attacks:
Bite, Claws, Pick Pocket, Ninjitsu, Set Trap, Fists of Fury, Strong Attack, Poison Attack, Propagate Curse, Silence, Stealth, Death Attack, Enchanting Presence, Sonic Attack, Animate Shadow, Suggestion, Telepathy, Mind Control, Lightning Attack, Enhance Magic, Enhance Weapons, Contingency (When Zabel uses his Claws, it auto-combines with Lightning Attack), Shapeshift

Special Defenses:
Disable Trap, Sixth Sense, Bone Armor (-2 Endurance, +4 Defense), Tough as Nails, Awareness, Heal Hit Points Alpha, Heal Hit Points Beta, Death Attack Immunity, Absorb Magic

Movement Modes:
Burrow, Shadow Jump, Reality Shift, Flight

Ability Paths Completed
Assassin, Bard, Shadow Mage, Ninja, Puppetmaster, Spell Sword (Claws), Thief, Martial Artist (Claws)

Flashbacks, Hungry Dead (Zabel puts his remaining 2 points in Endurance)
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Lord Raptor
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