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 Ability Basics

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PostSubject: Ability Basics   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:44 pm

   Abilities. The most important aspect of character generation next to attributes, abilities take the modifiers in your attributes and put them to practical use, giving you various physical, magical, and tactical movement abilities that a character without those same abilities just doesn't have. The current list is the most basic of basic abilities, but as new abilities become available they will be added here.

   Using abilities requires you to have attribute slots. You have a number of attribute slots open for each category equal to 1/2 the relevant attribute modifier, rounded down. You are not required to fill up every open attribute slot at character generation, but neglected attribute slots cannot be accessed until you gain your next level or gain storyteller approval to take a new ability.

   Sometimes attaining one ability requires another. This is unusual, but such abilities list what the required ability is in their description. Most such abilities simply expand on the use of the required ability, granting a character more options with it.

   There are seven categories of abilities. Listed beside each category heading is the attribute slot that the type of ability requires. For example, if you have an Attack of 8 and a Magic of 2, you could have up to 4 physical attacks and 1 magical attack or utility power. Listed below are the seven categories of abilities.

      Physical Attacks: Attack forms that rely on a character's natural abilities, such as hand-held weapons (enchanted or otherwise) and natural attacks like claws.

      Physical Defenses: Mundane defenses such as armors, shields, and enchanted clothing which requires no supernatural ability to use.

      Magical Attacks: Damage-dealing spells and special abilities, as well as magical powers that negatively impact the recipient but don't deal direct damage.

      Utility Powers: Spells and special abilities that effect only the user, but have no effect on the user's hit points or Endurance.

      Magical Healing: Spells and special abilities that heal.

      Magical Resistances: Abilities that resist special attack forms.

      Movement Modes: Methods of movement during combat, such as flight, digging underground, or teleportation.

      Technological Abilities: Abilities that are based in or help you utilize technology.

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Ability Basics
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